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"I absolutely LOVE Footprint Bags! I first came across them at an event run by Kirklees many years ago, then bought a few when they were on sale in Asda in Dewsbury at the checkouts , and since then have taken them all over the world with me, giving several away as presents: they are virtually indestructible! I don't bother with the bag they come in, as prefer to scrunch them up inside my pocket, tiniest of handbags or easy access zip in the top of my rucksack. They have helped me get extra luggages onto planes as airlines don't seem too worried about the extra weight when they are just in Footprint Bags, popped under the seat on the plane. Now I need some more as only have two left and I need 4 to take my average load of shopping home! Blue is my colour so these are the ones I choose! I also love the fact that they are made locally!" E. B-I, Yorkshire.

"I am buying these bags for my daughters and a friend as I was given a 4-bag set by my sister 4 years ago. I still use them every week and think they are absolutely brilliant!!"P.B., West Yorkshire 

"You are the best in the world! I've taken my beloved Footprint Bags all over the world. They last forever. Trouble is that they are SO good, I end up giving them away as presents!"E. B-I, Yorkshire  

"I received one of these as a gift for Xmas and I love it so am buying one for a gift. Also looking forward to the free shoulder bag, will use it on holiday."JP, Monmouthshire  

"We use your bags and think they are wonderful. Every time I go to Asda the checkout person states that they are a great idea and where do they get them from....and now thankfully they are for sale there. Also bought my mother one and she loves them too. Keep up the goodwork!"A Burns  

"Just a little note to tell you again how wonderful your footprint bags are! I think your Footprint bags are a great idea and they look so much smarter than the ‘regular’ supermarket reusable’s. They are also hassle free, easy to use and most importantly good for the environment. They never fail to carry home heavy bottles from the supermarket and I cannot begin to recall the amount of comments I‘ve had about them. Every single checkout girl has asked about them! " D. Copeman

"I'm really impressed with these bags. I can get so much more shopping in them than my supermarket 'bags for life' and they are stronger!" Tracy T.

"Absolutely fantastic product.  So practical and great looking too!" 
Charlotte Russell, Manchester

"Really useful, love using it."   Tanya Palmer, Holmfirth

"Keep getting stopped in supermarket - people wanting to know where to buy one! Can't recommend it enough!"   Elizabeth Greene, Market Harborough

"So convenient"  Alison Jay, Birmingham

"Used to keep forgetting to bring reusable bags. I keep this in the car."  Helen Eastwell, Luton

"Thumbs up!"  Keith Rogers, Brighton

"I've told all my friends! Make sure you have enough stock!!"  Doris Scattergood, Huddersfield

"I recently purchased 2 of your Footprint Bags and felt I must write to let you know how impressed I am with them.  Everytime I use them at the supermarket, someone asks me where I got them.  They are so practical and easy to use. I can't wait for the smaller versions to come out. Well done for making supermarket shopping easier and greener."
Jean Lucas, West Yorkshire

"I've got my 4-pack Footprint Bag since Christmas and I can honestly say it is one of the most used items I have bought in years. I always carry it in my handbag all the time so whenever I stop in at a shop, I already have something to use." Tina Heart

"I have been using my Footprint Bags for almost a year now. They fit more than a plastic bag, weigh about the same and when loaded are much easier to carry and never break. Absolutely great!" Joanne Winter

"Just wanted to let you know. Loving your bags!! They are a real fashion accessory, much better than a carrier bag. I purchased the 8 bag in blue plus the green and pink 4 bag sets. Would not be without them." Vania

"I have to say I am very impressed with the product and will be showing it to all my family and friends. The bag is not only really good to go on a trolley but also useful to have attached to a buggy. I am always looking for new items that are eco-friendly but also make life easier so it is perfect. "B.F. Herts

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