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Footprint Bags are an environment-loving bag product that combine ECO with CONVENIENCE, QUALITY and STYLE. The inspiration for Footprint Bags stemmed from the news from a local village Hebden Bridge which achieved nationwide publicity by becoming plastic bag free. We were aware of the obvious need to find an alternative to disposable plastic bags. As eco-minded shoppers we already used reusable bags on our weekly supermarket trip and for casual shopping. However, we were frustrated by car boots full of an assortment of bulky reusable bags..... Problem solved, the Footprint Bag was born!

The original Footprint Bag is a clever 'bag within a bag' system. It has multiple reusable and stylish bags made from super tough parachute material within one compact pack that can easily fit inside your handbag. Each bag folds up and fits neatly inside a little pouch and, best of all, on the bigger packs there's a handy trolley coin attached too. This way everything you need is in one place. The Footprint Bag is so easy to use - shopping the green way made simple!

With the growing eco-awareness supermarkets are removing their bags from the packing area at the checkouts to encourage us to supply our own and cut the numbers that end up on landfill. Footprint Bag is good news for the environment as our bags last indefinite and quality workmanship underpins our desirable Footprint Bag collection.

I hope you love them us much as we do. If so, please help us to make Footprint Bag a brand on everyone’s lips!

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