Reusable bag 4-Pack Footprint Bag - Green Original

Reusable bag 4-Pack Footprint Bag - Green Original
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This looks like a good quality product, a great simple idea. The product was wrapped in tissue paper only, but was wrapped well. The instructions were clear and simple. The bag is a great shape, ideal for food shopping to fit nicely inside. They are a definitely an improvement to the ordinary plastic disposable carriers you get from the supermarket. These don't cut into my hands when full. The fabric is great, there seems to be a crisscross structure to the fabric which makes it extra resilient and the material is smooth not rough or stiff. They are very easy to fold back into the pack; this is one thing I was sceptical about, thinking I would struggle, but as long as you follow the simple instructions they all fit straight back into the pockets. My wife takes care of holding the bags in her handbag and seems to have no problem. We also sometimes keep the bags in the basket of our son's pushchair and they don't take up any room at all. I think they are of great quality. They are great but I think I would prefer to pay a little less for them. There is no way of improving these bags; I think that they have pretty much got it right, plus they do have different colours to choose from. I would consider buying these just because it has been so helpful. I already have recommended this product to two people, one being a friend that goes shopping with my wife as she likes the product. The other was a cashier at a shop that commented on the product. It is a simple yet great idea, very practical and great quality, thanks. Lee Danks

I loved this product when I first saw it. Packaging was fine and instructions were clear and easy enough to follow. The shape of the bags was great and they were very easy to carry when full of shopping. I have hadbags break on me or cut into my hands but these don't. I loved the material, they were completely sturdy. I was surprised at how easy they were to get back into the pack when finished. This made them easier to store and didn't take up much room in my handbag. The quality is excellent and definitely offers great value for money and can be used over and over. I will certainly buy some more. I have recommended them to loads of my friends. I really liked them. They come in different designs and you can buy bigger packs too with more bags inside. They certainly made shopping easier for me. Alicia Moore

What a simple yet great idea. I loved the fact that they could be stored away neatly and even fit into my handbag. The packaging was nice. I read through the instructions on how to get them back in the pack and this was easy to do. The shape of the bags themselves was ideal for my shopping. I did fill them with shopping and was surprised at how easy they were to carry. They did not hurt my hands at all. The material is great and makes them sturdier. I folded them away once used and stored them in my handbag ready for next time. I loved the quality of them, they look and feel well-made. They are great for the money and would definitely buy them again. I have told my mom about them as she does a lot of walking when shopping and is always complaining of bags hurting her hands. These are ideal. Overall I was really pleased with this product. Beccy Watson

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