Reusable bag 4-Pack Footprint Bag - Blue Original

Reusable bag 4-Pack Footprint Bag - Blue Original
[4 Bags Blue]

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I own 2 of these four bag Footprint bags and have just ordered another set of the lilac colour 6 bags...can't tell you how how much I like these products..they are robust, well made, wash easily and are always neat and ready for when I go grocery shopping, I have had my first set for a long time..when they first came onto the market in fact and have had many, many queries and nice comments about them - and have told many, many people about them. could do with more advertising really, especially since we all know the horrors of supermarket plastic carrier bags. I shall go on recommending them and using them too. I would,not like to be without them...a brilliant green concept which saves a lot of environmental damage and many headaches searching about for bags on grocery shop,day. Thanks. I love 'em.

Date Added: 01/05/2014 by Patricia Davison

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