Footprint Bag reusable bags so easy to use

About Footprint Bag
Footprint Bag is designed to be hung on your supermarket trolley and holds multiple reusable bags in individual pouches. At the checkout point, just drop it open and grab your reusable bags as you need them. Easy!
When you get home, simply restow the bags and pop the bag pack away for next time. It stores neatly in the glove compartment, in a cupboard, or even in your handbag. No more mess in the car boot or under the kitchen sink and you can feel good that you are doing your bit for the environment.

How do I fold the bags?
Click the link 'Treat me well'  for instructions on the easiest way to fold the bags into the pouches. (Believe us, when you do this once, you won't want to do it any other way!)

Footprint Bag and the Environment
Footprint Bag is good news for the environment. Not only can the outer pack be recycled, the Footprint Bag Original shopping bags are hi-tech ripstop material which will last indefinitely.  Less rubbish to landfill!  We try as much as possible to be green in our business.

Where are the Footprint Bags made?
We thought long and hard about where to have our shopping packs made. In the end, we decided to go with China. We know that this is a compromise because ideally we would love them to be made in the UK. We have also made sure that our factory is ethical and complies to all accepted standards and the trade-off is that we know that the Footprint Shopping Bag will last indefinitely.

What are the Footprint Bag Original bags made of?
They are 100% ripstop polyester which is incredibly strong, tear-proof and folds away to fit into a neat pouch. The outer pack is environmentally friendly recyclable polypropylene. We have tried very hard to make our bags both stylish and practical.  They are washable but most importantly, look fabulous in your trolley!!!

Can I wash my Footprint Bag?
Most of our shopping bags can be washed inside out on a cold cycle. Drip dry, do not tumble dry. However, always look at the product description and label.

Can I sell Footprint Bags?
We sell Footprint Bags to Wholesalers and Retailers. Also, we offer a dropship service should you have limited storage. Please use our Contact Us page to request details.

Can I have my company logo and strapline printed?
We can offer Footprint Bags with your own company details printed on them. There is a minimum order quantity which varies depending on which reusable bag product your require. Please use our Contact Us page to request details.

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