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Reusable bag 8-Pack Footprint Bag - Blue

Reusable bag 8-Pack Footprint Bag - Blue
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Footprint Bag - the one stop shop for Reusable Shopping Bags

A 5p Bag Tax was applied to each Carrier Bag used at Retailers since October 2015. Footprint Bag have a wide range of Reusable Bag solutions to address the weekly shop and/or convenience shop.

We deliver worldwide.

See why our Reusable Shopping Bags are better than plastic bags, but also many of the Reusable Bags out there.


"Just a little note to tell you again how wonderful your Footprint Bags are! I think your Footprint Bags are a great idea and they look so much smarter than the ‘regular’ supermarket reusable’s. They are also hassle free, easy to use and most importantly good for the environment. They never fail to carry home heavy bottles from the supermarket and I cannot begin to recall the amount of comments I‘ve had about them. Every single checkout girl has asked about them! " D. Copeman


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