Footprint Bag Xmas Sale now on

November 11th, 2012

30% off selected lines – hurry


Footprint Bag have reduced some of the 4 and 6 bag packs by 30% until midnight 24th December 2012.

These ripstop nylon reusable bags make an ideal Xmas gift.

Buy a unique gift that shows you care for them , as well as the planet.

Buy now while stocks last at Footprint Bag.




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Xmas Gift sale coming soon

November 7th, 2012

Footprint Bag Xmas Sale starts on 12th November 2012, make a note in your diary as there will be 30% off selected products for a limited time only.

Choose Footprint Bag for the best unique reusable solution on the market today.

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Kirklees Responsible Business Awards 2012

October 22nd, 2012

Footprint Bag Ltd believe in supporting any initiative that helps the environment. This year Footprint Bag Ltd sponsored the “Best Sustainable Purchasing Initiative”.

Kirklees held an Awards ceremony on 18th October, at Cathedral House Huddersfield, which covered the following:

The Excellence in the Environment Awards recognise businesses that are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint, help the environment, and reduce their costs, and are split into the following categories:

  • Kirklees Green Business of the Year Award
  • Award for Best Waste Reduction Initiative – Sponsored by Hills Office Furniture
  • Award for Best Renewable Energy Initiatives – Sponsored by Apollo Energy
  • Award for Best Initiative to Reduce Electrical Use – Sponsored by Gamma Illumination
  • Award for Best Initiative to Reduce Water Consumption Sponsored by Green Building Store
  • Award for Best Heat Saving Initiative
  • Award for Best Pollution Prevention Initiative
  • Award for Best Sustainable Purchasing Initiative
  • Award for Best Transport Reduction Initiative

The Excellence in the Community Awards recognise businesses that have demonstrated outstanding work in the community in the following categories:

  • Supporting a local, national or international charity
  • Volunteering in the community
  • Managing and/or involvement in a local community/international cause
  • Engaging with local schools
  • Initiating and leading a socially responsible community project

Footprint Bag Ltd – helping to eradicate plastic bags forever.

Photographs by Elaine Ask of Reel Life Photos.

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Footprint Bag arrives at The Shambles, York

October 16th, 2012

Something Different, 23 The Shambles, York

The perfect Christmas gift is now available at 23 The Shambles, York.

Footprint Bag stockist available in York, ideal for the perfect Xmas gift.

Offering the ultimate in distinct and desirable gifts  for yourself, family and friends, at We Are Vintage we are proud to bring you some of the best high quality artisan produced glassware, jewellery, ideas and products in the UK and Europe. With a wide range of superb, value for money items online and in our shop, if you’re looking for something special look no further.  We also offer local handmade cards and postcards to compliment your purchase and remember your visit to one of the world’s most beautiful little cities.

Hurry while stocks last!

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The Big Eco Show

August 17th, 2012

Footprint Bag will be displaying their eco reusable bag products at The Big Eco Show on 19th September 2012 in the Stadium of Light, Sunderland. If you would like to find out more about this event please click the link The Big Eco Show.

Footprint Bag will have some special offers available on the day, so give your support to this worthy cause and make the planet a better place to live for all.

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Footprint Bag helps North Down Green MLA

May 30th, 2012

North Down Green MLA Steven Agnew is helping promote World Environment Day, which is taking place on Tuesday June 5, by organising a supply of 40 re-useable bags for St Mark’s Parish Church in Newtownards.

The Church will use the Footprint Bag reusable, eco-friendly bags in its Summer Ark, youth and community projects.

To read more about this go to Green Party NI News

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It’s in the Bag – Green Party and Footprint Bag

May 16th, 2012

The Green Party in Ireland and FootprintBag are working on an initiative to supply Footprint Bag’s reusable bags for a community food giveaway project. Taking this action will eradicate the use of plastic bags since the reusable bags are robust enough to handle the weekly task.

As Hanny Wadsworth, co director explained, “The move towards reducing the reliance on plastic bags is gaining momentum, and a project such as this is a step in the right direction. FootprintBags came about due to the lack of a convenient, practical alternative to single use plastic bags. The design aim was to produce a product which wouldn’t sit alongside the other reusable bags which are not ideal, convenient and robust.”

Shoppers (even those with the best intentions) are still struggling with the basic bit – remembering to actually take the bags out with them! Footprint Bag packs makes reusing easy. It is an extremely clever ‘bag within a bag’ system; it has multiple reusable and stylish bags made from super tough parachute material within one compact pack. The bags last indefinitely and the pack easily fits in a glove compartment or handbag. There’s even a handy trolley coin attached too. Everything ready to go in one place. The pack is designed to hang on a trolley, drop down and each pouch holds a readily available fold up bag. Simple!

FootprintBags are available in single, 2, 4, 6 or 8 bag packs in a number of designs, thereby catering for the supermarket shop and convenience shop. With Footprint Bags you never need to pick up another plastic carrier bag and you are guaranteed to look a whole lot more stylish on your shop! Designed by mums for mums.

Our convenient multi-pack meets the real consumer need to find an alternative to plastic bags. FootprintBag packs make re-using stylish and easy.

Independent market research on FootprintBag shows overwhelming results:
-86% like the concept of our multipack.
-65% would consider purchasing the FootprintBag

Please feel free to browse our website Footprint Bag or watch the video and see why FootprintBags are unique watch the Bag video

Visit the Northern Ireland Green Party website

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Plastic bags – it was good while it lasted

May 9th, 2012

Footprint Bag - Reusable Shopping Bags with a differenceThe use of plastic bags is still very high in the supermarket and convenience shopping trips.

Surely, everyone should have switched to reusable bags by now, but why not?

Our assessment is:

  • Reusable Bag ‘mountains’ are being formed because they are not practical, ie: too big to fold up, and more than one bag is required for the shopping trip.
  • Size does matter, having a large carrying capacity with hand-friendly handles that don’t dig into your fingers.
  • Robust, what is the life expectancy of the bag, after all it as to be durable
  • Convenience, how many times have you forgotten your reusable bag?
  • Stylish, both men and women shop so a designs that cater for both sexes is paramount

Watch the video to see why these patented Reusable Bags are unique in the market Footprint Bag Video

Also, you may wish to enter our Footprint Bag competition.

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Convenience Shopper spotted!

April 18th, 2012

Footprint Bag have been alerted to a shopper who was using Footprint Bags for their convenience shop. The person understood that the Footprint Bag 8 bag pack was initially designed for the supermarket shop, but could not resist the 4 bag pack for convenience shopping. This sounded like a plausible explanation so the person was allowed to go with a smile on their face, as well as having the most stylish, compact, robust reusable bag solution.

If you see a Footprint Bag user, give them a thumbs up.

Footprint Bag are giving away a free Footprint Shoulder Bag for the best picture captured with a Footprint Bag, see website for details Footprint Bag Competition.

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Footprint Bag goes social

April 17th, 2012

With the growing eco-awareness supermarkets are removing their bags from the packing area at the checkouts to encourage us to supply our own and cut the numbers that end up on landfill. Footprint Bag is good news for the environment as our bags last indefinite and quality workmanship underpins our desirable Footprint Bag collection.

I hope you love them us much as we do. If so, please help us to make Footprint Bag a brand on everyone’s lips!

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Facebook: FootprintBag

Visit our website for more information and videos of our unique Footprint Bag reusable bag products.

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