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Father’s Day Gift – It’s Reusable!

June 15th, 2010

Don’t Forget Father’s Day 20th June 2010 !

The perfect Father’s Day Gift:  FootprintBag’s 4-Pack!


The 4-pack is an ideal gift for dads everywhere.

Small, convenient and stylish – it contains four shopping bags and a trolley coin and fits easily into a glove compartment.

Dad’s can use the bags to carry other things, not just shopping.

Interesting fact which dads will love:  The bags are made of parachute material which is incredibly strong – perfect for men as well as women!

Use the DAD10 Discount code to claim your 10% off at checkout.

Offer ends 21st June 2010.
Need more convincing? Which would you use?

  • 8 x Bulky Hemp Bags = 1 x FootprintBag
  • 5 x Cardboard Boxes = 1 x FootprintBag
  • 2 x Bag for Life and a few checkout carriers = 1 x FootprintBag

Our FootprintBag pack is so good because it was created by exactly the people who use it – eco-minded mums and dads who regularly do family shops – not designers sitting in an office in front of a computer.

Footprint Bags can be found in retailers such as Lakeland and have recently teamed up with a major supermarket, so look out for our bags. Join the revolution!

Our convenient multi-pack meets the real consumer need to find an alternative to plastic bags. FootprintBag packs make re-using stylish and easy.

Independent market research on FootprintBag shows overwhelming results:

- 86% like the concept of our multipack.

- 65% would consider purchasing the FootprintBag

Browse our website Footprint Bag
watch the video and see why we are different, Bag Video

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